Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kevin Pritchard Is Committed

Just listened to an exerpt from the Morning Sports Page with our friend Gavin Dawson. Kevin Pritchard was on the show and I went ahead and transcribed some of the stuff I liked. There's still a lot more to the interview, so head over to Casey's blog and check out the whole clip to hear more good stuff.

But without further ado, here's what KP had to say:

On Nate:

"I feel great about having him as our coach."

On the organization:

We have an a owner, a president, a head coach, and a general manager and we all line up...we know what we want and how we're gonna' get there...we have the same goal...we want to be successful the right way with the right kids.

Gavin: You're a hot name...one of the hottest general managers in basketball today. How committed are you to the NW?

KP: I love it here...I kidded that if Mr. Allen offered me a 25 year contract I would sign it today. I'm not going anywhere. I'm emotionally connected to our coaches, to these players. I want to see us have success long term. We've built this into something that I hope is something that this community can get behind. It feels so different...it's different around our community and I'm just proud to be a part of it....I'm so proud of it and I know we're going to go through some tough times, but I know our character is going to shine through.


Your thoughts? Should be be scrambling to pick up Matt Millen now that he's done with the Lions? Should we ink Pritchard to a lifetime contract? Or do we "wait and see?" Once a golden GM, always a golden GM? Or not?

Sound off...

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