Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Episode 008 -- Blazer Laser Podcast

Boom. Southern Oregon, Magnum, and yours truly, along with fashionably late arrivee Philthyanimal hit threes--Rudy style--as we go around the Edge, talking about last night's game, the season thus far, other team's attendance (or lackthereof) we've seen, and a bold prediction from Magnum (oh yes, Bill Simmons ins't the only one unafraid and unashamed of trolling for click counts).

Let Southern Oregon soothe you. Let Magnum persuade you with his smooth, suave stats. Let Phil...uhh...well he's our token Asian. 'Nuff said.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Episode 007 -- Blazer Laser Podcast

The podcast strikes again. It's summer, so we've been slackin', but with things starting to heat up as we move towards training camp, we've got more and more to start talkin' about. Today, podcast veteran Philthyanimal (Phil) and newcomer The Tinfoil (Ryan) light it up as we hit relevant Blazer topics, including Brandon Roy's offseason, Travis Outlaw working out this summer, Andre Miller's fit into the lineup, LaMarcus Aldridge's contract status, the role of announcers in today's game, and NBA Memorabilia.

Speaking of light it up...don't ask me what Tinfoil was lighting up when he mentioned RLEC in the same sentence as LMA. I have no idea.

Be sure to check out fanpost at BlazersEdge.com for commenting craziness.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Episode 006 -- Blazer Laser Podcast

Blazer Laser is back like it never left! Guests for today include Cablinasian (Zach), jksnake99 (Jake), and philthyanimal (Phil), alongside your forever-faithful host.

Topics for the day include

  • Kirk--Will he fit? Could he work in a 3-guard system with Rudy and Roy?
  • Playoffs--What have we learned from the playoffs? How did the Magic switch point guards mid-season and still stay in contention? And later towards the end of the show, we make our Finals picks.
  • Shower Presence (well, I tried anyway. I think people were too worried about getting banned to give their thoughts)
  • Ref situation in the NBA--what is it right now? Are refs too old? Are certain refs just not made for the playoffs? What could be done to help the league?
  • Bonus topic: See what happens when you try to podcast while watching Food Network!
Alright, so there it is. Feel free to hit up the corresponding thread over at BlazersEdge.com for thoughts, comments, and discussion.

Big thanks to Zach, Jake, and Phil for coming on. Give these guys a hand. Well at least to Zach and Jake. Give Phil a bar of soap.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Episode 005 -- Blazer Laser Podcast (Ben & KP2)

Craziness! Episode 005 is here, and with it, brilliance from the best--Ben Golliver and Kevin Pelton join me, Josh Thatcher (prezofdeath), on an exciting edition of our community podcast.

Topics included Nicolas Batum and his role on this team, draft theory, Tom Penn and whether or not Bill Simmons could run the T-Wolves, point guard talk, round 2 of the playoffs, and even a little Mark Cuban, just to keep things interesting.

As always, feel free to drop by and say hey on the thread at BlazersEdge.com.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Episode 004 -- Blazer Laser Podcast (Dave Edition)

Boom. Blazers Edge Community Podcast is back again, this time with a twist.

Today's episode features poop-deck-swabbie Prez (yours truly) and Captain Dave of the Blazers Edge Cruise Ship, who stopped by to talk about the growth of the site, changes and upgrades coming to BE in the near future, the draft, and an update on baby point guard's development.

Feel free to comment on the thread over at BlazersEdge.com and express your thoughts there.

Big thanks to Dave for coming on the show.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Episode 003 -- Blazer Laser Podcast

The third edition of the "Blazer Laser" has hit the Internet. People are going nuts over this podcast. Get yours before it's gone.

We've got SandbergOnSports in the house today, along with Norsktroll, calling in from Germany.

Today, we reminisce on the season that was and do a little looking forward to the future (interpretation: I try to figure out how to trade half our team + our 5 draft picks to get Ricky Rubio).

Feel free to comment at the thread over at BlazersEdge.com. If you would like to be on a future show, hit me up @prezofdeath on Twitter.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Episode 002 -- Blazer Laser Podcast

In today's episode, Brian (Outlaw Is Rejector), Phil (Philthyanimal), and Josh (that's me!--prezofdeath) bust out the second episode.

Topics for the day include the playoff win Tuesday night along with Mike Rice's ...err...make that PBJ's keys to winning Thursday's game, one of which is starting Channing Frye!!

So crank this, and feel free to comment in the thread over at BE if you feel so inclined.

PS--No, I wasn't serious about Frye. No freakout required.